Using a Mobile Phone While Driving
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Using a Mobile Phone While Driving

Mobile Phone usage while driving is a very common cause of road accidents. People do not understand that roads are never to socialize. While driving it is compulsory to have your hands on the steering wheel and your focus on driving because a single distraction can ruin not only your life but many other people’s life too.

It is totally illegal to use a mobile phone while vehicle driving. Although if caught, the driver lost in using a mobile phone is fined with a penalty that can range maximum to £1000, every fifth accident has mobile phone behind it. People forget that they were driving when they tend to give a quick response to someone’s message or call or just to see WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Facebook. Only in 2017, there were 1,793 people killed since the driver was using a mobile phone

It is always a difficult task to do two mindful tasks at the same time. Let’s have a try can you get this: “You’re four times It’s hard to more likely to have concentrated on a road accident two things when you’re on at the same time. a mobile phone.?” No? Let’s try a post by THINK! Road Safety: “You’re four times more likely to have a road accident when you’re on a mobile phone. And It’s hard to concentrate on two things at the same time.?” This one is just the separate form of above-mingled description. It is sufficient for any sensible person to realize the danger of mobile phone usage while driving.

The choice is still yours to risk your life just to use a mobile phone or to drive attentively! So, in order to protect yourself from a dreadful accident, never use a mobile phone while driving. If you have a smart car, you can use the Bluetooth system or some other feature (if any) to attend calls but still, these systems can distract you from driving. Same is the case for satnav and music system. Try to set them before starting the drive; it stays safe.

Here are 10 short and beneficial tips which can help you in driving safely:


  •  Put your phone away before you start driving.
  •  Follow all road signs.
  •  Wear seat belts.
  • Don’t drive when you are drunk.
  • Take regular pauses to check or respond to some important message or call.
  • Keep your eyes all around on the road to see what’s happening.
  • Must use turn signals.
  • Reduce car speed on slick roads.
  •  Keep the headlights of your car on.
  • Keep all road signs and speed limits in focus.


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