Things to Check Before Driving

Things to Check Before Driving

A large number of different vehicles keep UK roads busy every day and accidents also, on daily basis, happen as a consequence of minor or even no negligence. Regardless of your mastery in driving, accidents are a bitter and undeniable fact that can take place anytime. It’s tiring to do road traffic accident claims but becomes smooth with claim experts. It is also very important to ensure these measures for your supreme safety before you head forward for driving.


Check the Mirrors

Before you start driving, set the driving mirror to get a clear view of what is happening around their vehicle. Also, set the side mirrors which are mounted on car doors. Well-positioned side mirrors will make the drivers see the side areas and behind their car.

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Check Engine and Fuel Tank

Make sure before driving that its engine is perfectly fine and the fuel tank is filled with sufficient oil. Open the car bonnet and check its oil level by using a dipstick. If the dipstick shows a low oil level, it means that you need to contact the car service provider.

Check Before Driving

Check the Car from Bottom

Checking the car from the bottom will let the drivers see if there is oil leakage or not. Fluid leakage can result in brakes, or steering failure. In case of any obvious leak, it is very important to get the assistance of car service providers to ignore any severe accident.

Things Check Before Driving

Check the Car Tyres

Since the tyres of your car are going to contact with the road, their fitness is very crucial. Drivers must check the air pressure of the tyres and must also look for a flat tyre. An average tyre can rotate many million times however the air pressure of the tyre tube can fall down numerous times in this duration. It is a safer approach to refill the air for the better maintenance of pressure.

Remember Before Driving

Don’t Drive in Drunk or Sleepy Condition

Drunk driving is not only a crime in itself but it can also cause a drastic accident to you. Never try to drive in such condition. Driving while you are sleepy or tired can also prove to be very dangerous. A driver must be active, fit and fine in order to enjoy a safe drive on busy roads.

Things to Check Before Driving

Adjust Car Seat

Driver must not start driving before confirming the seat comfort. The driver must have easy access to the pedals without any need to stretch their body. A comfortable seat gives you access to every control of your car while driving.

Things to Check Before Driving

Fasten the Safety belt

Make it a habit to follow the law and buckle up the safety belt or seatbelt of your car before getting on to the road. A seatbelt keeps your body finely fixed on the seat and reduces the chances of accidents to a great extent.

Things to Check Before Driving

In case of an accident, call 911 and get police as well as medical assistance on the spot. For claim making and loss compensation, get in touch with Claims Specialists. We are an expert in making claim compensation smooth and easy. From vehicle replacement to solicitor providence, our service is just a call away.

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