Claims Specialists Guide for Filling Car Accident Claim

Car Accident – How to file a Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, our sympathies are with you. No words can lessen the pain and mental disturbance caused by these accidents but what law entitles you is the right to compensation claims. So, must avail it. Our blog Handling Stress Caused by Road Accidents has helped many people in relieving the torture caused by road accidents. Try to get better and read it for rapid progress.

Car Accident Claim

As far as a claim is concerned, road traffic accident claims have never been easy and fast, especially if you have not hired any solicitor. The solicitors, with their experience, knowledge, and professionalism, not only make the claim proceedings fast, but also get you the maximum deserving compensation amount in minimum time. In this article, we are presenting our guide for filling a car accident claim. So, if you were accused, want to file a claim against any road traffic accident, here is the simple six-step procedure:

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1. Call our Offices Right Away

After the car accident, just give us a call on the number: (+44) 1582 733 222. Our representative will speak to you. Expecting precisely right answers, our representative will ask you five questions which you can see in the infographic above. Tell him/her about when, where, and how the accident happened; what type of injuries you suffered from; and about your accident insurance company and the insurance company of your opponent, even if both are same.

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2. Speak to Our Attorney

If you want to proceed with us, our professional and experienced attorney will speak to you. For No Win No Fee solicitors, they do not charge money if they fail to win the compensation amount for you (which rarely happens).

3. In-Person Meetup

For those clients who cannot come to us due to being severely injured, there is no need to worry at all because we will get to them.

4. Insurance Company Contact

With our solicitor, no insurance company will be directly contacting you or pressurizing you anymore! We will be there on your behalf. Our attorney will be fielding their all questions and statements.

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5. Seek Medical Treatment

Since we will be managing the claim compensation side of your car accident, you will be able to see the doctor for a medical checkup. If you have health insurance, your insurance company will bear the expense. If you do not have health insurance, we will arrange to have you treated on the basis of the attorney’s lien.

6. Claim Resolving

In almost all the cases, we will be working to get your approved compensation claims amount, but if the insurance company will not make a legitimate offer, we won’t lose. We will file a lawsuit and will take your case to the court (if necessary).

Stay blessed and in the best condition of health always!

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