8 Common Types of Workplace Injuries and Their Prevention

8 Common Types of Workplace Injury and Their Prevention

Different jobs cause different hazards. Stats show that every 7th second, a worker gets injured. According to the Health and Safety Executive, in 2017/18, 1.4 million UK working people suffered from work-related illness and 30.7 working days were lost due to this illness and workplace injury. In short, one is highly likely to get injured at the workplace. We recommend where the employers should ensure the utmost safety of the workroom, employees should also cooperate in this regard. Here are the most common injuries in the workplace and their possible prevention:

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Quarrels and the Fights

An unsettled quarrel between two or more employees is at great risk to turn over into a deadly fight. Such fights not only cause personal injuries but disturb the whole working environment, and so, employers must take a rapid action to stop the quarrels and fights between their employees. If the things seem going out of control, they should involve the security guards without any delay.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are other types of personal injury at work. Where sprain is an injury to tissues between bone muscles and strains refer to the damage to the muscle themselves. We suggest all the workers to never to sit in an awkward position, take breaks in repetitive tasks, and do not work more than their capacity.

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Slips, Trips and Falls

Such injuries can be accidental as well as a result of an opponent’s medical negligence. You can sidestep slip injuries by avoiding oily or wet surfaces, spills, loose mats, etc. Similarly, trips and can be bypassed by avoiding uneven mats, obstructed and darker walking areas, etc.

Exposure to the Loud Noise

Sudden exposure to loud noise is also a prominent cause of workplace injuries that can most dangerously cause you permanent hearing damage. pay you a huge compensation amount, it cannot bring your hearing ability back. Those who work with noisy equipment, should either change their equipment, area, or the time of work.

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Being Hit by Falling Objects

Objects falling in a workplace can cause you injuries like cuts, fractures, or even blindness. The workers should put a fence around hazardous areas, protect the objects from falling, use safety nets, and adopt other such measures for safety.

Inhaling Toxic Fumes

Many workplaces comprise toxic air; with dangerous gases, dust particles, and vapors. These toxic substances and fumes can injure your respiratory epithelium. Those who work with such materials, should wear proper protective equipment and avoid their direct exposure.

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Walking into Objects

Walking in the objects is another painful work injury, that occurs when you vaguely run over a sharp pointed or tangible thing that may be a broken glass piece, hit with doors, chairs, etc.

Workers mostly get such injuries in the factories where heavy machinery is used. They should use protective equipment to prevent any worse situation and should work very safely. The employers should ensure the correctness of machinery because any mishap can endanger not only the life of one or more workers but also his future.

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